Panasonic DMC-FS4 Digital Camera

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

Dua hari lepas saya teringin sangat untuk dapatkan satu kamera memandangkan banyak kerja yang memerlukan kamera. Nak dapatkan yang dslr rasanya belum kesampaian lagi. Jadi akhirnya saya beli kamera digital Panasonic DMC-FS4 memandangkan harga dan ciri-ciri gambarnya. Harga beli RM480. Berikut adalah spesifikasinya:

Auto Scene Mode
In Auto Scene Mode, the camera senses the ambient conditions and automatically selects either Scenery, Portrait, Macro, Night Portrait or Night Scenery mode accordingly. Two detection functions are also activated simultaneously in Auto Scene Mode; Face Detection AF/AE detects faces in the frame, and Intelligent ISO Control detects subject movement. With the Auto Scene Mode doing all the complicated work for you, you’ll find photography easier than ever to enjoy.
Superb 4x Optical Zoom Lens with f/2.8 Brightness
The 8.1-megapixel resolution DMC-FS4 packages a superb f/2.8 LUMIX DC VARIO lens with 4x optical zoom (35mm film camera equivalent: 33-132mm) into a compact body. The bright f/2.8 lens allows you to capture beautiful pictures in low conditions, and helps to prevent image blurring due to hand shakes. The 4x optical zoom lets you capture distant subjects without degrading image quality.

Long Battery Life – 410 Images
With the long battery life of DMC-FS4, you no longer need to worry about your camera running dry during shooting. The DMC-FS4 can deliver 410 images per battery charge, easily fulfilling your needs for a full day of shooting.

High-resolution Intelligent LCD
The DMC-FS4’s 2.5-inch LCD has a total of 230,000 dots for high resolution. It features the Intelligent LCD function. The Auto Power LCD function increases the backlight brightness in 11 steps according to the ambient light intensity. At the highest of these 11 steps, the LCD backlight becomes approx. 1.4 times brighter than normal. This makes both shooting and viewing photos easier and more convenient.

Photo Frame Mode
In Photo Frame mode, you can compose your shot while displaying one of the frames registered in the camera. This is a quick, easy way to produce photos with attractive borders.


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